Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I don’t have much to report since my main run isn’t until this evening. I ran an easy 5 miles this morning.

I filled out by Chicago Marathon entry form yesterday and will get it in the mail this week. It looks like it’ll work out very well because Amy is off from work, the week leading up to the race. So we’ll be able to head to Chicago early and hang out for a few days.

Speaking of races, I’m debating when my next race will be. I was planning on holding off until April because I thought it would help keep me from peaking too soon. But my favorite (non-marathon) race of the year is an 8k on March 19th. I’m sure Lydiard would scold me for not being patient, but that’s alright – I can live with that. I asked Mike about this awhile ago and he suggested running at 7/8th effort to help keep from peaking too early. I like that idea.

Right now I’m trying to hold my mileage in the 90-100 mile range for another week before cutting back. That’ll give me 3 solid weeks in a row. My legs feel fine, but getting out of bed has been difficult this week. Even with 8 hours of sleep last night, I didn’t want to get out of bed.

I thought today’s quote of the day would tie nicely to recent posts by Mike and Eric.
“Running was never anything natural to me. It took a long time for me to be able to run well, and I still don’t look very good doing it. I had to do 30 and 35 mile runs in order to get my body attuned to running marathons, or I would just die off at 20 miles. Tenacity was my only gift.” Kenny Moore


Susan said...

Chicago is one of my favorite cities! I love Chicago and the marathon course is the best. I love our spandex comment on the post below btw. It is hard to get out of bed when it is so cold outside.

Susan said...

*your* spandex comment . . . i'm grammatically retarded

good idea for the finals - how do they go fast in those baggy things

Mike said...

Zeke, thanks for the quote, I needed that. Chicago should be very cool. The miles will get easier, really.

Anonymous said...

i like the quote--makes me feel hope. :)

Chad said...

Susan, you probably love Chicago because of the shopping. That's why Amy is excited to go. I did notice that the snowboard slalom racers had spandex on.

Mike, the miles aren't bad. I'm just more tired in the mornings that usual. Oh well, I figured that'd be a side-effect.

Curly su, I've been meaning to leave a comment on your post yesterday. There was a lot to think about there. Glad you like the quote. I especially like the last line - sometime tenacity is all we have.