Thursday, February 09, 2006


This morning I was thinking that winter isn’t so bad. We have all the holidays, from Halloween to New Year’s, to keep us occupied. By the time New Year’s rolls around the days are getting longer. It’s to the point where I can now see the sun rise during the last mile of my morning runs. So even though it was 10 degrees, there’s hope. Spring is right around the corner.

WARNING: I’m actually going to talk about work. I work for a catalog company and yesterday we met with our advertising agency to go over covers for one of our spring catalogs. Some of their concepts dealt with renewing and revitalizing after being couped up all winter. It’s easy to think that way when you live in Minnesota. However, our catalog is mail all over the U.S. and to places like Puerto Rico. Sorry, but I don’t think people in the south or in Puerto Rice have felt couped up all winter. For those of you that live in those warmer climates, what would you think if you got a catalog like that in the mail? Would it bother you or would it not even phase you?

Speaking of catalogs, Road Runner Sports latest catalog included a “Last Chance” message near all the shoes that are being discontinued/replaced soon, including one of my favorites, the New Balance 833. They’re replacing it with an 825, but who knows how similar the two will be. Part of me says this really sucks, but part of me also likes the idea of trying to find a new light-weight training that I like.

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I set my alarm for 4:30. When that came I set it for 4:40. When that came I set it for 5:00 and was finally able to get out of bed. All that sleeping in means is that I’ll have to run more miles tonight, instead of this morning. I was still able to get in an easy 8 miles before work. This evening I’m planning on getting in another 8 miles and would like to include some marathon pace work as well.


Bart said...

I live in the Bay Area; it was in the 60s yesterday. Catalogs with covers like you discussed don't phase me at all. We always get a few this time of year. Plus, television shows often have the same themes during late February and March. I simply give a brief thanks that I don't live where it gets that cold and then see what's inside the catalog.

Susan said...

A wise man once said that "It's all relative". In Texas, I feel couped up when it gets below 28 degress (my no run break point) - so I guess I would be okay with a catalog like that . . . I'm not sure how those in Hawaii or Puerto Rico would take it.

You might want to see if you company could let you do some market research and go to those places and see.

However, a "Last Chance" Road Runner Sports catalog would make me take out my credit card and order every pair of size 6 Brooks Adrenaline they had in stock!

Trisaratops said...

Oooh...I'd snatch up all the size 10.5 Brooks Adrenalines, Runner Susan! (Yeah, I've got some BIG feet.) :) We got 7 inches of snow yesterday and I must admit that I love running in snow. I'm a freak of nature I guess. ha ha

D said...

Interesting discussions you've been having here recently Zeke/Chad.

Chad said...

Bart and Susan, that's kind of what I thought, thanks.

Susan and Sara, I had to do a double take because one of the shoes being discontinued is a Brooks "A" shoe. But it's the Addiction, not the Adrenaline.

DGC, feel free to jump in.

D said...

While I do not consider myself a chicken, I do subscribe to the pick your battles school of thought. (This has everything to do w/raising a teenager.) So in blogland, I try to stay out of some of these conversations. But I do enjoy reading the varying perspectives of the bloggers.

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Wow after re-reading my post, I sound like a spammer. Have a great weekend.