Monday, March 05, 2012


It occurred to me the other day that maybe my training as been all wrong lately. I’ve been trying to follow the Endless Season approach, which is fine. However, in one blog post I mention not being able to squeeze in all the workouts during the week and in another post I mention running 70-mile weeks with thoughts of going higher.

A closer look at the Endless Season schedule shows that the weekly mileage is typically between 55 and 60 miles. Now I’m wondering if I could squeeze in all those workouts during the week if I cut my mileage back a little – keeping in mind that all of the workouts are at a controlled pace, rather than all-out all the time. I guess there’s only one way to find out.

With the unofficial kick-off to the 2012 racing season (Human Race 8K) less than 2 weeks away, I have to remind myself that short, fast racing is the goal through July, mileage is secondary.

So that’s my “new” plan – focus on getting in an interval and tempo run each week. Mid-week runs will stay in the 10 mile range and “long” runs will be around 11-13 miles.

Finally, here's a recap of February. I ended the month with 244 miles, including a couple of tempo runs and intervals, as well as a 5K and a hill workout. I think between December, January, and February, I should have a decent base heading into the new racing season.

Quote of the Day;

“We’re all an experiment of one.” - unknown


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