Thursday, March 08, 2012


First off, be sure to check out my latest interview.

I heard about this solar storm affecting GPS units and other electronics. I thought that’s what was happening on my run this morning. My first mile was 8:06, which is pretty quick for me for an opening mile. Then I saw 7:48 and started to wonder what was going on. I eased back, but still ran 7:39. Not sure if it was the solar storm or the day off yesterday, but I seemed to be moving pretty well. I guess I’ll take it without complaints.

My only other notable run of the week was Tuesday’s 8 x 400 workout that I ended up running on the treadmill. Of course, I’d rather run these on a track, but I made the best of what I had.

I came across what I considered to be an odd statement in this article;

However, the ugly truth remains: aside from the few genetically blessed individuals, most people who run in access (sic) of 50 miles per week, must spend as much or more time focusing on injury prevention than they do running or they will end up sidelined!
Seriously, I’m supposed to spend 7-8 hours a week focusing on injury prevention? I guess I’ll just wait until I end up sidelined and get it all out of the way at once. Where do people come up with this stuff?

Quote of the Day;

“I always try to put myself in a position to do something special if I can.” - Jon Grey.


Evan Roberts said...

10 minutes a day of foam rolling will keep a lot of injuries away. I do 20 sometimes, when I'm watching TV.

Unknown said...

I've heard the whole "genetically predisposed to awesomeness" argument before. Obviously, they're looking for quotable headlines and don't appreciate simple truths in life.

SteveQ said...

I've been thinking: would you care to do an April Fool's interview, say, starting with "Apparently, I've run out of good runners to interview?"