Monday, June 14, 2010


Awhile ago I wrote an article about the marathon. In reference to the taper and all the pent-up energy surrounding it, I wrote “I may find myself doing energy-sapping projects that could easily wait until after the marathon, like cutting the grass, raking the leaves, or painting the entire house.” Well I didn’t paint the “entire” house yesterday, but I did tape and prime 2 rooms – before cutting the grass.

The problem is that there’s really no better time to do these types of home-improvement projects than the week or two leading up to the marathon. With training cutback, I have an abundance of time and energy on my hands.

Lately I’ve been wondering what it’d feel like if I went into a marathon feeling great with loads of confidence on my side. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened. Maybe I’d be worse off, since it’d be so out of the norm. It’s too late to change much now, so I’ll just lace them up on Saturday along with everyone else.

Of course, all the “I hope you guys get good weather” comments have already started. Nobody ever says “I hope it’s hot for you guys.” Although that’s usually what I’m thinking when I’m not signed up for a marathon. Heck if I want anyone else racing in ideal conditions when I’m not signed up.

One new development, I’m now the program director for the local youth (grades 3-6) x-c program. So if you’re local, be sure to get your kids signed up for the program.

Finally, count me in the group that just doesn’t get soccer. I heard at one point there were 9 goals in 7 games. That’s 9 goals in 10.5 hours of action. With my luck, I’d get up to take a leak and someone would score. Then I'd have to wait another game and a half to see the next goal.

There was a discussion on the radio the other day where one guy believed that some people are soccer “fans” just because it’s the cool thing to do. They really don’t like soccer, but they feel that they must like it because the rest of the world does. I bet that theory is right on the money.

Quote of the Day;

“I always start these events with lofty goals, like I’m going to do something special. And after a point of body deterioration, the goals get evaluated down to basically where I am now – where the best I can hope for is to avoid throwing up on my shoes.” – Ephraim Romesburg, ultra runner


MissAllycat said...

Good luck at Grandma's...I hope it's hot for you guys. Though, after last year's sufferfest, I think Grandm'as is due for some nice weather. :)

Anonymous said...

As a selfish prick I'm hoping it's hot and sunny this weekend...because I'm doing the half and will be down on Canal Park all day sampling the local brew (and plenty of non-local brew most likely).

I like the quote. In ultras I've gone from wondering if winning the race is possible, to hoping I can get to the next aid station so I can quit within about 15 minutes.

Evan Roberts said...

i'd still rather watch 5 year olds play soccer than grown men play american football :) don't worry, just more for the rest of us to watch!

Good luck at Grandmas! I will try to explain the appeal of soccer on a TCM training run in August.

Anonymous said...

Now Chad - what is wrong with doing those projects the month after the marathon? Remember it is a days recovery for every mile raced. what you need to focus on before the marathon is less miles at a faster get your body rested, but ready to go race pace.

And as for soccer - not trying to get into a comparison too much but how can you not want to watch the continuous action of soccer verses the fifteen minutes of actual playing time during a 4 hr football game? Is it scoring that matters or the strategy of the game?

Chad said...

Well, it's supposed to be 87 here on Friday, let's "hope" that carries to Duluth for Saturday morning.

Evan, at least with 5 year olds playing soccer, there's some scoring.

Anon, the problem with doing those projects after the marathon is that I'm tired and sore. Plus a recovery day doesn't mean no running at all.

As for focusing on less miles at a faster pace, I have the "less miles" part down pat.