Thursday, June 03, 2010


Yes, I’m still alive. I survived an 8 day Alaskan cruise. Alaska was cool – great scenery. I should have some photo posted soon. The cruise itself was just okay. If you don’t gamble or sit at the bars all day long, there’s not a lot to do. I will say that 8 days without email, blogs or facebook was awesome.

I didn’t run on either of my travel days, but managed to run the 6 days in-between. My first 3 runs were on a treadmill, but then I switch to laps around the sun deck. And I ran one day while we were in port. All the runs were easy, so now I feel really rested. But I also feel flat. My first tempo run since the 30K was tough. I wasn’t moving very fast and I wasn’t into the run mentally at all. I’m guessing I just need to get back into my normal routine and I’ll start feeling back to normal very soon.

At the beginning of the month I mentioned that my all-time high mileage for May is 301 miles. I was well on my way to breaking that before going on vacation. Instead, I ended up with 297 miles. One more little 5 mile run is all I needed… oh well.

It’s sad, but that’s all I have today. If you’re local and want to take a survey about our trail system, head over to the MDRA blog and fill out their short survey.

Quote of the Day;

“Quit? Retire? Hell, no. Next year I’m really gonna train.” – Marty Liquori

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