Wednesday, June 03, 2009


National Running Day.

I slept in.

Don't worry, I'll run tonight.

Basically, this is a non-running related post. Just have a few thoughts that crossed my mind at work lately.

1) Anyone else think it's strange for guys to wear sandals at work? For some reason it just looks out of place to me.

2) How am I supposed to abbreviate cummulative? I'm pretty sure "cum" shouldn't be used - and "cumm" isn't much better. Any suggestions?

3) I hate taking a crap at work - but today was really uncomfortable as the guy next to me made absolutely no noise. I mean come on, how about a cough, grunt, fart, etc. He literally sat there for 3 minutes without a sound. I thought he was dead.

Quote of the day;

"The little I need, I need very much. The little I want, I want very much." - Dr. George Sheehan


Adam said...

Unsure of proper way to handle the 'silence', but here's an idea. When you're done and all zipped up, throw your shoulder into the shared stall wall as hard as possible and then run out laughing hysterically, knowing you probably just caused him to fall off his stool. If you're really in a prick mood turn the lights off as you exit;)

See you at Old Chicago following Grandma's?

Joseph said...

Ask for a courtesy flush or if he could spare a square.

Beth said...

1. Yes, guys in sandals at work seems wrong.
2. As a former CPA, I would use Cuml
3. Out of my area of expertise as I have no men's room experience.

Have a good run!

Adam said...

to: Chad
From: Adam
Re: silence

Three words: cell phone tetris

Chad said...

Ah, it's always the NRR posts that get the most comments. Maybe I should start a non-running blog.

Thanks for all the advice. Beth, I like "cuml". I try that.

Adam #1, yeah we'll probably be at Old Chicago for dinner. I think that's where we've started each of the last 2 years.