Sunday, March 15, 2009


Just look at this "flawless" form. Maybe if I got one of those fancy lycra ski suits, I could shave 2-3 minutes off my time.

I couldn't find the results on the race's website or the website of the company that did the timing. Good thing we have Apparently, the results that were posted in the chalet left off the top 11 finishers.

The results online make a lot more sense. They show that I finished 13th overall and 2nd in my age group. If anyone knows Jason Midgarden from Golden Valley, tell him I have his 1st place 30-39 medal. Out of 43 individuals, I was 26th in the ski, 17th in the bike and 8th in the run. I don't know if I should be surprised that I was so far back in the ski or so far up in the bike.

What's up with my helmet? Maybe it's off center because I never worn it with a winter hat underneath it.

Here I am heading out for the run. Yes, the day was as beautiful as this photos make it look; about 30 and sunny at the start. Later in the day it got up to 52 degrees - finally! A great day for my last ski and first bike ride of the year.

If you're local and wished you could have participated in this event, you have another opportunity next weekend with the trinNordique.


Runner Susan said...

The helmet cracks me up. Just tell everyone it is a fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

The ski picture is far and away the best.