Friday, March 20, 2009


The author of one of the blogs I follow recently pulled the plug, saying something about simplifying their life. I like the idea of simplifying things. But while I’m not ready to pull the plug completely on this thing, I have been gradually cutting back on the number of times I post a week. I figure after 4 years of blogging, I’ve probably spewed all the things I can think of – twice. I’ll continue to post links, race reports, articles and stuff that I think is blogworthy, but I’d like to cut out all the mundane writing that no one really cares about.

I’ve talked about not understanding why people I haven’t seen in 20 years want to be friends on facebook. We never talked in high school, why do you want to know anything about me now? However, the other day I became friends with a gal I used to run with in high school. We’ve been able to catch up through emails, which has been really cool. She’s run 35 marathons, 2 ultras and an Ironman. So “thanks” to facebook for re-connecting us.

A little while ago, I posted a link to a site that contained interviews with older runners. They even posted an interview with a guy who runs and skis. The guy also has a blog. I haven’t checked it out yet, but since Adam says he can’t find many ski blogs, I thought I’d throw the link out there.

Quote of the Day;

“It's hard to say if I'd be a better runner or skier if I focused solely on one or the other. But in a big way, that's not even the point… The truth is, I'm just as enthused about running during summer as I am about skiing in the winter.” – Roger Sayre


Adam said...

Hey thanks! I've managed to find a few ski-related blogs. Here's my favorite.

Chad said...

Cool, I like it. Thanks.