Friday, January 23, 2009


I really don’t understand how people can live without snow. Of course, I’m mainly talking about the ability to ski during the year. But I’m also talking about going sledding in our backyard with the kids, building snow forts and snowmen, going skating, etc. Getting out and playing in the snow is so much fun, that I really can’t comprehend not having winter.

There’s a small hill in our backyard and every winter we build a cool little sliding hill on it – complete with a built-up starting area, a “jump” and a big “bobsled” turn that is banked. My only complaint is that we only have two round saucer sleds – one for each kid. Every now and then they’ll even let me take a turn. I’m not sure who has more fun.

I’m tempted to bring out the video camera and see if I can figure out the whole YouTube thing.

Anyway, I’m off the rest of the day and I’m going skiing. I’m looking to get in 35K-40K at Theodore Wirth before the next cold snap arrives.

Quote of the Day;

“Three hours slow is better than two hours fast.” – Pete Gavuzzi, marathon coach in the 1940s, on how to train

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TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...

I say give YouTube a try. Love to see the videos.

Stay tuned...

PS: Missing the Pennsylvania snowfalls.