Friday, January 30, 2009


I always thought becoming a Masters runner would be enough to motivate me to train hard and achieve new heights – or at least better than average heights. However, with my 40th birthday still 6 months away, I’m not feeling motivated at all. I’m not sure if it’s because of skiing, 30 years of running taking their toll, or something else entirely. Maybe it has something to do with having a birthday in August, which means the first half of the season I’ll still be 39.

I don’t know what it is, but I do find myself thinking more and more about trying different events this year and focusing on having fun rather than performing at my best. Maybe these are the same thoughts that have led to less consistent training lately. I find myself skipping workouts more readily lately. For example, last week was solid, but this week I’ve slept in on 2 occasions and cut one workout short because I couldn’t warm up my hands. Of course, I’m able to justify all this by claiming that it’s a taper for this weekend’s race. However, if I “taper” much more, I won’t remember how to ski. And 6 miles of running in the last 2 weeks doesn’t bode well for tearing up the roads as a Master.

Stuff like this has me contemplating whether or not I should sign up for Grandma’s Marathon. Part of me wants to, just because it’s such an awesome event. Plus, I want to see how my skiing fitness will transfer to a spring marathon. However, even with 17 weeks to train between the Birkie and Grandma’s, it doesn’t seem like enough time – at least not to get into top shape.

I still feel like I have more marathon PRs in me, but not if I don’t find some motivation soon.

Looks like a bunch of Team USA Minnesota runners are not lacking motivation. You can read their journals HERE.

Quote of the Day;

“When I first started running, I was so embarrassed, I’d walk when cars passed me. I’d pretend I was looking at the flowers.” – Joan Benoit Samuelson


Thomas said...

Didn't you pretty much write the same about your lack of running mojo last year?

Chad said...

Hmm, maybe. I know 2 years ago I struggled in the fall. Last year was kind of so-so, but I'm sure I complained about it a lot.

t-odd said...

I am in a similar situation - just turned 40 and have had motivation problems. I know it is the bitterly cold weather and dark mornings that is sapping my resolve. And now, 6 more weeks of winter - thanks Punxsatawney Phil! Hang in there.

LaFrenz said...

You need motivation? Spend 2years not being able to run! Come on dude...Remeber before I got hurt? We were talkign about going under 2:50. Let's set the same goal. Trail mix in April EC 1/2 Wells Fargo 1/2 we can slap some 10k's in there then we'll be ready for a fall marathon. And we WILL have fun. In fact we'll have a lot of fun!

Chad said...

T-odd, maybe it is just the weather and dark mornings that's dragging me down too.

LaFrenz, how are we gonna run 2:50 if we're roller skiing all summer long? Of course I love the idea of sub-2:50, but making it happen hasn't been so easy.

LaFrenz said...

Dude...We're skiing. We'll meet twice a week. Once to run...Once to ski. On run days we'll do a workout. On ski days we'll get great cardio with no pounding on our old bodies. Then you gotta do a long run on the weekend (15 miles +) and another 10 miler during the week. You throw in a couple more runs and you'll be all set. I'll tell ya this...We'll have a hell of a time trying!