Monday, September 15, 2008


Let me just start by saying that the Minnesota Vikings are a perfect example of why I enjoy individual sports better than team sports. To play your ass off and then lose because someone else (for example, your QB) can’t make a play has to be extremely frustrating. Their game against the Colts yesterday was a classic case of knowing all along that they were going to lose – it was just a matter of how. Luckily, I enjoy it more when they lose because it makes for more entertaining talk-radio. This town bleeds purple, so when the Vikes struggle everyone wants heads to roll. The drive home this evening should be very entertaining – I almost hope it’s a really long commute.

Who knows what’s going on with my calf? Saturday I managed to run 13 miles. It was tender the whole time, but didn’t get any worse - or better. Sunday I barely felt it and was able to run 12 miles on the treadmill during said football game. This morning I ran a very easy 5 (pain-free) miles.

I thought I was coming around a week ago and then relapsed, so I’m not going to make any predictions this week. If I still feel good this weekend, I’ll try to get in something near two and a half hours – given that I’ve been tapering for 2 weeks now, I figure I can handle a longer run than normal this close to the race.

I guess the most frustrating thing is that I know the PR window is closing quickly. Again, with only 1 or 2 of these a year, there’s not a lot of room for error in terms of running fast. All it takes is a little lack of motivation here or there, an injury, poor weather on race day, etc. and you’ll find yourself waiting 6 more months for another crack.

Chris Lundstrom has shared some of his marathon wisdom here. It’s nice to know that he has many of the same thoughts/concerns that I do.

Also, you can check out updated journals by Matt and Katie.

Quote of the day;

“I’ll be toeing the line at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon along with these rookies in less than three weeks, and I will probably be just as filled with uncertainty as they will. Maybe more, because I know how much it’s going to hurt, even on a good day.” – Chris Lundstrom


Anonymous said...

Ah, stop sand bagging - you're going to kill it, lol.


Anonymous said...

I should have left well enough alone. At City of Lakes, I ran well, five minutes faster than my goal pace, so I suddenly had delusions of grandeur about my TCM goals. I ran the Bear Lake 20 Miler on Saturday and totally fell apartment after 10 miles, my pace dropped like a rock. Now, 18 days out, I have to come up with a new game plan and re-gain some confidence...not easy to do when you should be tapering. Ahh...the marathon...always a guessing game

Chad said...

Mark, I wish I were sandbagging.

Anonymous, you ran a great 25K and then 6 days later struggled during a 20 miler? That really shouldn't be a surprise.

Just get some rest and I'll bet you can run TCM as you had originally planned.