Wednesday, September 03, 2008


So I went and saw the doctor yesterday. She ARTed the crap out of my right calf. It hurt like hell – I’m not sure how she gets such strong thumbs – but I needed it.

The possible cause of my problems ran through my mind at the end of Friday’s long run, but then I forgot about it until Jenna asked, “Did you get new shoes recently?” Well not only did I get new shoes, but they’re a new brand that I’ve never worn before – and they only had 17 miles on them before I used them for my 22-miler. So in my effort to be smart and play it safe by getting new shoes with the marathon so close, I was actually being dumb.

I over-thunk the whole situation.

But as I told a buddy, when is the lead up to a marathon not a challenge? I can't think of the last marathon where everything went according to plan prior to the race. I’ve been through this enough times not to get freaked out. I’ll lay low for a few days, hop on the bike instead and continue to ice and massage my calf.

I forgot to link to my latest interview. Speaking of which, I always get a kick out of how modest these guys are when I ask if they’d like to be interviewed. I get a lot of the I’m not worthy-type comments. Oh all right, I’ll just go interview all the other runners that have broken 3 hours while in their 60s.

Quote of the day;

“When your body talks, listen!” - Doug Keller

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Mike said...

I don't think there's any way to overestimate the importance of being in the right shoe. I learned that the hard way!

Hope you feel better soon, and thx for the interview w/ Keller - good stuff