Friday, August 31, 2007


Alright, I think I’m in a little better mood today. I still have a bunch of odds and ends to get to today

First off, thanks to Don for help with my masthead question.

I found another reason to blog last weekend. The St. Paul Pioneer Press decided to combine their Outdoor and Travel sections. In the process, the local beat writer for running is basically out of a job – at least as it pertains to running articles. Some of his stuff wasn’t my cup of tea and a lot of the race results stuff was already out dated by the time it arrived on Sunday. However, I’ll still miss reading his articles as I relax with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper. Maybe he’ll start a blog instead.

On the good news front, at least if you care about Minnesota running, there’s a new Minnesota Data Running Center website up and running. Right now it’s pretty sparse, but is supposed to be loaded with records this weekend.

With my mental issues lately, here’s a sample of thoughts that have popped in and out of my head lately;

I should just run for fitness.
I should crank it up for 1 more year and see what happens.
I should only run 1 marathon per year.
I should focus on short races.

Usually the thoughts that contradict on another are thought of within 30 seconds of one another, like; I should run 85 mpw these last 3 weeks – all easy, followed by, I should run 50 mpw these last 3 weeks with lots of hard workouts.

Yesterday I took the day off. This morning I ran an easy 5 miles and felt much better than Wednesday. Tomorrow is my alumni 5 mile race. Who knows what to expect?

Quote of the day;

“Runners are brain-washed into their own self-generated orthodoxy about racing and self-worth…I rarely believe you're serious about the tugging and pulling that goes on in your head actually becoming a sea-change of behavior for you.” – Jim Graupner


Trisaratops said...

I'm having the same contradicting thoughts regarding my next year race schedule. Like, in the same thought, I'll go, "Yeah, I can totally do a half ironman and a marathon" and then move directly into, "no, I just want to do some short stuff."

I think I just have no clue what's about to hit me. Maybe that's it...!

Anonymous said...

It's been a couple years since I was really able to do much running wise. I had to accept the conditions and just roll with them. I'm struggling now with what I believe is a nerve issue and it seriously prevents any training. The thing about this "acceptance" is it doesn't stop my mind from thinking ahead to additional training loads and racing. That's just what I think about when I run. I only think running when doing it. I can't shut it off. The monitoring, finding a gear, visualizing and wanting to do better. I'll be 46 in 10 days and I still want to race. I still sign up for these races because it's what I do this time of year.

"I don't run to take beatings!" A quote from Chariots of Fire which Harold Abrams uttered. I think those of us who take racing fairly serious embrace part of that. I believe I will always run. Not that the fitness isn't important, but many of us are driven to run as a way to discover some sort of bizarre place it the running community. I can't explain that last comment other than others here have an expectation of where I should be. Others here want to train with me and race me and I want to oblige them. In a way it's silly, but not being a part of it leaves some sort of void. Not in a way that has me ponder life or who I am. I know who I am. I'm a Husband, Father, Co-worker, Friend, et cetera and those are more than plenty to fill my life. I just miss it so when I'm not able to do it.

I find myself not wearing running shirts as much anymore. People identify me as a runner and I don't enjoy talking about it with people who no nothing about the sport. They have questions or comments which in reality would take volumes of time for me to answer honestly. It's like baseball cards. I don't tell people I have about 125,000 of them because it prompts questions about value, rookies, etc., that have little meaning to me. I collect them because I'm a fan. When I go home, my brother and I usually head to a card shop and browse and buy a variety of "stuff." On the way back we talk about what we bought and have fun discussing are finds. "Hey, I found a 72' Bill Virdon when he was managing the Bucs." "I need that card Bryan, that's in the scarce last set." "He wore number 41 when he played." "Yeah and so did Tom Seaver." "Didn't Dave Osbourn wear 41 when he played for the Vikes in the late 60s and early 70s?" Then we go back and look and the next thing you know we are looking through stacks of cards to see who else wore 41. It's like running. I can't explain why I do it, or conceive why anyone else could fathom the process or mind set.

Speaking of cards. Over the years I have met dozens of people who had some type of experience or meeting with semi-obscure baseball players. A guy I know in Iowa told me his neighbor growing up was Ray Sedecki. He primarily pitched in the 60s with the Cards and later the Mets. He was surprised I knew who he was and the next time I was down that way I gave him one of his cards. I can't tell you how many times I've done that. My next door neighbor has a first cousin who pitches for the Twins. Pat Neshek is his name and I told them I have a friend in Florida who's brother-in-law was Pat Mahomes who also started out with the Twins. They had no clue who he was. I thought it was interesting so off I go looking up stats on both of them. Again, sort of like running. Nobody has any real interest on why that's what you like or do.

Chad said...

Sara, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Double, another good comment. You should really start a blog.

I have a bunch of baseball cards too. My brother had them for awhile and just gave them back to me. Looking through them brought back a lot of childhood memories.

Did you know that Pat Neshek is really into collecting cards? He has a blog and takes about baseball cards a lot.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for the link!