Thursday, August 23, 2007


I haven’t really been in the mood to write much lately; no interview questions, no articles and not even any interesting blog entries. Not sure if it’s a “dog days of summer” funk or what. But I did receive a really nice email yesterday from a local runner saying how much he enjoyed my blog and how it helped motivate him. So thanks to Brian for that. Maybe it’s the kick in the pants I need to make it to September.

Yesterday I headed back to the prairie loop in Hyland Park for another speed workout. This time I did 5 x “1K”. Basically I ran hard for 3:30 and recovered for 2:30. I tried to mimic a x-c workout we did in college called “recover on the run.” The first 300m or so of each K has a couple of hills that I try to run up controlled but strong. At the top of the hill I spend the next 100m sucking as much air as possible while trying to “recover on the run”. See how that ties in with the title of the workout? After recovering, focus switches to worrying about my form. It’s nothing magical, but it comes in handy during the x-c season when the terrain is constantly changing. With a couple mile warm-up and cool-down, I ended up with 10 miles on the day.

This morning I just ran an easy 5 mile recovery run. I actually brought a camera with me to take some photos of the prairie loop, however, it was so foggy, I doubt the photos will turn out.

Here’s Andrew Carlson’s latest journal entry. I think it’s time for someone to remind the other athletes to update their journals. One entry every 2-3 months really isn’t too much to ask for. Is it?

Quote of the day;

“I guess for awhile I just got a life beat down and I finally started hitting back.” – Andrew Carlson

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Anonymous said...

Chad --

Glad I could return the favor. Acknowledging your good work is the least I can do for helping me get out more frequently and perhaps more importantly, getting the most out of my running. As my training progresses, I hope to add some "real" contributions to discussions here.

By the way, Jan remembers the "fun" summer math class you two had together back at UWEC. She's back at it working with the Twin Cities Marathon runners at LTF, so look for her out on the roads this summer and fall.