Thursday, November 02, 2006


Today’s question; What do you do for the 3-4 weeks post-marathon? Do you do some type of reverse taper? I’m “struggling” with making sure I’m recovered and the desire to build my mileage back up. Mark had this quote on his blog recently;

“Resuming training is much like pulling an onion out of the garden and discovering that it is not yet fully grown. One cannot thrust it back in and expect more growth! Physiological and psychological fatigue must be fully resolved if the total approach to beginning another training cycle is to be one of excitement, anticipation, and willingness to rededicate one’s life to training.” Better Training for Distance Runners, 2nd Ed. Martin & Coe

I feel that the “excitement, anticipation and willingness to rededicate” is already there. And given that I’m usually conservative in my approach, this is a little weird for me. Maybe it’s that whole issue with wanting to change my approach and be a little more type-A. I may be burnt out by December 12th, but I’m willing to take that chance. With that said, I ran another easy 7 miles this morning.

We had our first parent-teacher conference ever, last night. It turns out we have the best kindergartener in the world. Apparently she’s adopted just the good traits from my wife and me. It must be our fantastic parenting skills.

Maybe it’s because I ran D3 in college, but I really like what this blog is doing.

As I’ve said before, politics don’t really interest me, but I think this photo is great.

Quote of the day;

“Don’t let the planning and analyzing get in the way of the doing and enjoying.” – Joe Henderson


E-Speed said...

I'm am having the same thoughts, especially with JFK on the horizon. I am worried about overdoing it but I am eager to get back into the swing of things and get my mileage up. I am not sure what the line is where I can get in enough to build endurance for JFK but little enough to not burn out or get injured.

Susan said...

Hee - good parenting pays off. We'll see if you're singing the same toon in High School!

Lawrence said...

Being Canadian, I don't know what D3 is. Can you enlighten? Thanks

Lance Notstrong said...

That picture IS awesome!!!

Chad said...

Lawrence, our college system is broken into different levels based on how much scholarship money can be offered. D1 offers the most money and it's all the big schools that would see on TV. D3 offers no money and D2 is somewhere in between.

MB said...

thanx for the plug and glad you like the quote as it's one of favorites.

Cool college site, Pomona (sp.) looks like the best venue there to run.

qcmier said...

Good post.

Nice pic and good link.

I regret never running collegiately for my little D3 school. Now I'm left to wonder how fast I could have run a mile. Well actually I wonder how fast I can run a mile now too.

Chad said...

Mark, yeah Pomona looks nice. Ironically, that guys is from MN. It turns out his high school coach is the guy that wrote the History of the State track & field meet that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It's weird how once you learn someone's name, it keeps popping up.

Alan, yeah it's tough having regrets like that.