Thursday, November 16, 2006


I’m still not sure about the whole "slow and easy" approach or the "medium-hard" approach to base building. I figure I tried "slow and easy" last year, so I’ll mix it up a little this year. Maybe once the snow flies and the paths get slippery I’ll change my approach. If nothing else, yesterday’s medium-hard led to some new mind games. When I got a little tired, instead of having negative thoughts I focused on the positive, “Hey, I’m recruiting new muscle fibers.”

Eric had some good comments about the schedule I posted yesterday. This may be more appropriate;

Sunday – ass-dragging slow
Monday – ass-dragging slow
Tuesday – MP + 20ish (7:10)
Wednesday – MP + 40ish (7:30)
Thursday – ass-dragging slow
Friday – MP + 20ish (7:10)
Saturday – 2+ hours

I found out during today’s 8 mile run that “ass-dragging slow” means about 8:45 pace for me right now. There’s definitely a whole different “flavor” between 7:10 paced runs and 8:45 paced runs. At 7:10s there’s not a whole lot of “sitting back and enjoying the run” going on. I’m guessing that blog entries will be a lot different on those days too.

I think today’s quote of the day applies to cross-country Nationals too, which are right around the corner;

“The start of a World Cross Country event is like riding a horse in the middle of a buffalo stampede. It’s a thrill if you keep up but one slip and you’re nothing but hoof prints.” – Ed Eyestone


massoman said...

that's a good quote.

8:45 is a tempo run pace for me...

i guess its relative, eh?

its really about the effort, not the pace.

getwell said...

Your last year's "slow and easy" approach, if you followed it strictly, does sound like a blueprint for developing endurance; but then causes you to underdevelop the 'stamina base' that you'd need to achieve higher levels of speed and hill workouts later in your training season. Incorporating med/hard (albeit carefully & sparingly) does appear to be the way to go in base building. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works for you.

Also, these med/hard sessions seem to approach or resemble MLSS (maximal lactate steady state) training, or is that at a higher pace?

Happy running.

Chad said...

Massoman, yeah it's all relative. I'm sure there are guys running easy at 6:00 pace.

Getwell, I'm not sure what MLSS is. Is that like a tempo run?

getwell said...

I believe MLSS may be synonymous with anaerobic threshold or lactate threshold. The training associated with it would be to do your workouts just below it at a steady state and never cross above it to increase lactate, like running just under 10-k pace. I can't personally validate its effectiveness incorporating it early in base training because it's just something I read about in a case study. Seems more like something to be done closer to race season.

Chad said...

Getwell, 10K pace would be closer to 6:00 for me, so these runs are much slower.