Friday, October 07, 2011


As the day progressed yesterday, I felt worse and worse - runny nose, constant sneezing, tired, etc. I didn't feel much better today, so I called in sick. I took advantage of the day off to catch up on some of the running-related emails that come through my in-box. Usually, I sign up for a bunch of stuff, but end up just deleting it or never reading due to lack of time. Well, today I had time so I clicked on an email from flotrack and ended up spending probably an hour watching various videos, including a bunch with Ryan Hall as he talks about running Chicago this weekend. There's also a fun series called Run Junkie where they review what's going on with the high school, college, and professional ranks.

After that I opened an email from and saw that they have an online magazine. The October issue even features a couple of articles from Minneapolis's own, McKenzie Lobby.

Like most times when I have a cold, the best I feel during the day is when I'm out running. So I headed to Lebanon Hills and ended up running 10 beautiful miles. I'd have to look back, but that's probably the furthest I've run in 3 months. Not only was it a great run physically, it was a great run mentally. Actually, the whole morning was a great mental boost. So much so, that I'm ready to declare that I'm back. No, I'm not back physically - far from it. But I feel like I'm back mentally and want to focus on getting back into running shape. I'll even throw this out there, 2012 TCM, baby!

A whole bunch of things have kind of snowballed lately and they have me wondering if there's a career to be made with running. Obviously, I'm not talking about collecting prize money as a slow Masters runner. I'm referring to other avenues, such as, writing, coaching, running organizations, retail, etc. When I think about Flotrack, Letsrun, Runnerspace,, TCM, MDRA, Team MN, etc., there must be money to be made.

McKenzie has the following quote on her website;

"I think that if you were advising young people going out into the job market, in this very tough job market, I'd say: find something that you're passionate about, regardless of what the prospects are. Do what you are passionate about and stay interested in it and it will work out for you somehow, one way or another. Because there's unemployment among lawyers for Heaven's sake, there's unemployment among MBA's, so why go the practical route?" - Garrison Keillor

Along those lines I once read the advice "Find what you love to do and then find someone to pay you to do it." As a father, that's what I'd like to pass along to my kids. But it's kind of hypocritical if you're not passionate about what you do. Or is it just telling them not to go down the road you did? In any case, I don't hate my job - at least not most of the time, but I'm not passionate about it either. Is it too late or is there a way to make a living at the only thing I'm passionate about, running?

Quote of the day;

"There's no place I'd rather be than on the start line of a marathon. Man, you feel alive." - Ryan Hall

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