Friday, July 08, 2011


Looking through the results from last year’s Minneapolis 13.1, I only recognized about 2 names. So I wasn’t sure if anyone would jump at the two free entries I had to giveaway or not. Besides, I never know who’s reading this thing – other than me. Anyway, after not getting any responses, I sent out a mass first-come-first-served email. That sparked a little interest and I was able to give them away. Then, of course, readers of my blog started to chime in. I guess the moral of the story is that I need to be more patient. In the future I’ll give people a chance to actually respond before giving away the good. Thanks for your interest.

Friday mornings I typically do group trail run in Hyland Park. This morning I showed up intentionally late. I figure with the shape I’m in, there’s no way I could hang with the group. Instead, I ran the course backwards and met up with them for about the last 2 miles. Given that I couldn’t even keep up with them for that short stretch, I’d say my thinking was right on the money. In the brief time I was with the group one of the guys mentioned that I’d fallen off the face of the earth since running the Grand Canyon. That’s a pretty accurate assessment. That’s basically how I feel about my running right now. Another guy mentioned he was thinking about a little forced break from running in order to recharge his batteries. I like that idea too. Typically, I perform my best when I have a long run-way to build up my base. For me, in the past, this is what winter is all about. Shutting things down, recharging, building back up. That’s where I see things heading right now, it's just that the shutting down process will start earlier in the year. If that’s enough to help heal my knee, then I’m all for it. Of course, one never knows if that’s enough or not.

Quote of the Day;

"I’ve strained my body to the bounds of endurance and running had become a nightmare.” – Herb Elliott, upon his retirement at age 22


Dylan said...

You should have recognized at least 3 names from last year's 13.1 who were on the Grand Canyon trip. Myself, Randy and Rick all ran it last year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chad hope you don't mind if I steal your readers for a minute but I've got an entry to 13.1 Minneapolis I'm trying to give away--anyone leaving a comment at will be entered into a random drawing. Right now,the odds are pretty good if someone posts a comment because I've got 0 entries so far.


Chad said...


The gal that asked me to promote the Mpls 13.1 was wondering if any of the people I've interviewed would like to run the race. I just did a quick search of last year's top runners as well as age group winners from Masters on up. I'm guessing I'd recognize more names if I went through the results more thoroughly.