Monday, December 20, 2010


With a new year on the horizon, I’ve decided to reconsider pulling the plug on R-cubed. If there’s one thing I learned in 2010, it’s that life is too short to sit around and watch it go by. So my plan is to take the rest of 2010 off from running – that’ll be six weeks from when the pain was at its peak. Then I’ll spend 4 months focused on building up my training in order to complete R-cubed.

Part of my trepidation last week is that this trip will be with some very accomplished ultramarathoners. Running 44-miles is practically an every weekend occurrence for these guys. Plus, they’re fast. So heading into uncharted waters, undertrained, is not the best idea.

I was wondering the other day, if I make this thing, does that mean I’m an ultramarthoner? I mean, there won’t be any medal or t-shirt afterwards. That’s how you distinguish between events that matter and those that don’t, right?

Quote of the Day;

“I like hills because you can see the top. I know that sounds glib, but you know that the hill is not going to keep appearing; it’s there and once you get to the top it’s behind you, and you feel as though you have conquered something.” – Rob de Castella


Kurt said...

If you do it with us I will make you a shirt!!!

SteveQ said...

Rob DeCastella never did the Afton Coulee 10K! I loved seeing runners get to the "top" of the hill, turn the corner and see it went up again (repeat this five or six times - the hill's 4 miles long!); people would stop, look back, look ahead, shake their heads and then go on. I miss that.