Monday, September 27, 2010


Not much is new, but I have some time over lunch so I thought I’d try to blog a little bit. After averaging just over 40 MPW for the last 3 weeks my left arch flared up. Not sure if it was plantar fasciitis or not. Since I’ve never had PF before, I doubt that it was – especially considering my low mileage. Unless PF can be caused by biking an hour longer than you’re used too – but that seems unlikely. Anyway, I wore the sock for 4 nights in a row and it feels better.

I ended up taking 3 days off from running, but dusted off my tri bike to help maintain some fitness. Sunday we had a great group ride that was nearly 50 miles. We were greeted by perfect conditions, sunny, calm and crisp. It has me thinking of some duathlons for next year.

On Saturday there was a meet for the kids I’m helping to coach. While they only run 1 mile these meets are bringing back a ton of memories for me. It’s fun to see the older kids jogging the course in a big pack before their race and seeing them throw a football around as they try to kill time. There’s also the sound of spikes on concrete and the smell of wet grass and mud that remind me of high school and college cross country. And the look of excitement on their face after running a PR or beating someone for the first time is awesome. Too bad the season is so short.

Quote of the Day;

“We told our guys to hold on for 30 minutes of agony for 12 months of glory.” – John McDonnell, Arkansas coach after winning the 1993 NCAA Cross-Country title

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