Monday, July 12, 2010


Not much is going on with me. I finally started to feel good last Friday. Just in time to start a new 12-week cycle for TCM. I'm going with a plan from Pfitz's 2nd edition this time around. Since I tend to go through a phase during the summer where I start to despise running, I'm going to include 1 day off from running each week.

No quote of the day - how about a photo of the day instead. Here's Kinsey and Katie and their first Twins game outdoors on the 4th of July.


Beth said...

Glad you are feeling good as your training is getting going. Love the picture! What a great day.

Gregg said...

Including yourself, I have talked to a few people that seem to still be fighting the "fatigue" from grandma's. Hang in there and things will improve.

What I found helpful when following Pfitzinger was adding some 100 meter striders two or three days a week after some of the easy runs. I haven't seen his new plans so maybe I should take a peak next time I'm in a book store.

Enjoy the summer.