Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay, yesterday’s QOD may have been a little over the top, but not much. Looking through the results again, I literally saw 12-15 friends, training partners, and acquaintances less than 1-minute in from of me. Now it’s not like I have this killer instinct where I need to crush everyone in a race, but it is a little frustrating to see that many familiar names “within reach”.

It also kind of puts into prospective how hard we train for such little gains. I mean 12 seconds faster per mile over 8K is basically 1-minute. It can be the difference between 31:00 and 29:59 - the difference between an average race and a breakthrough race. It’s that “unforgiving minute” that has already been written about.

All the emphasis that we place on it seems kind of silly at times, but it sure can be a driving force behind our sport.

Quote of the Day;

"When the competitions begin, it’s hard not to become addicted and want to be better than the competition.” – Michael Woell, local cyclist


Gregg said...

I've reading your blog for some time now and I usually keep to myself. I read many blogs but rarely comment. But I thought I would share some thoughts I have regarding your seasons and performances.

It seems like you have remained, for the most part, injury free since I started reading your blog some three years ago. What I see from your posts is inconsistency over the YEARS. Yeah, you might put together 10 or 12 weeks of decent training, but as you are well aware, youth is not on our sides anymore (I am less than one year younger than you, so don't take that comment the wrong way) and we need to stay consistent with our training year around.
Now, you have decided to train for the Birkie the last two winters and that is fine. (that is something I desire as well but putting it off for ???) The problem is, skiing will not get you anywhere near the same results for running as some think. It worked for Janis Klecker, and Bob Kempainen a bit, but really, how much did they ski?
My point is, get a plan, start slow and work towards a goal for the fall. You need a good 10-12 weeks of solid running with minimal races then work into a long marathon training plan and stick to it.
Although the Pfitzinger, Daniels plans are great, I don't see that you have figured out what works for you. Or have you? We are all programed differently and that is the problem with those plans. I loved Petes plan but it lacked some serious marathon-pace stuff, which I think you mentioned recently. Daniels is a great plan, but I don't think it works for the family, working, man. It can kill you if you don't monitor yourself and rest. Just my opinion.
I hope you get some results soon because it bums me out to read some of your postings, mainly because I was where you are at in training all through my early to mid 30's.
I hope to see you grooving and grinding out some miles soon and best wishes. Maybe I will see you soon at some races?

Beth said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there this year so that you would feel better about beating me. I think 12 seconds faster is pretty great, and as Gregg said, you've remained injury free and you are ready to go for the season. Hang in there and I hope to see you in person at a race soon.