Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Hmm, I updated the template of my blog to get more features and this is the result. I “lost” the photo at the top, but what the heck, it’s a new year – time for a fresh outlook. I did the same to my other blog and it messed up links along the side. I’ll have to try to find time to get those fixed.

With the new year it looks like everyone is busy recapping 2009 and setting goals for 2010. I guess I should do the same. Overall, I’d say 2009 was a disappointment, at least running-wise. While I finished my first Birkie, I can’t think of a single running race that I was pleased with in 2009. Mileage-wise, I finished the year at 2,294 or about 44 MPW, which is lowest since 2003 when I was doing tris. That probably has a lot to do with my 2009 season.

In addition to maintaining a log book, I used to have a spreadsheet that tracked my monthly and yearly mileage. Somewhere along the way I lost that file and decided not to rebuild it. Last year I tried using a new log book which included keeping a lot fewer details. I won’t blame these changes entirely for my lackluster year, but everything kind of goes together. Sometimes people think analyzing all the numbers is overkill, but I find that it can also be motivating. I think when that went away, I started to care less about tracking my training and, as a result, my actual training and fitness suffered.

So one of my goals for 2010 is to switch back to my old log book and pay attention to the numbers again. Hopefully that’ll lead to actually putting forth some effort with my running again. With that said, I need to listen to my body a lot more too. I can’t go gung-ho and train hard for 3 weeks, only to find myself in a funk afterwards. It’s a balancing act.

I’ve already mentioned in some previous posts a few other time related goals that I hope to achieve in 2010, so I won’t repeat those here. I’d also like to get back to conducting more interviews. I still think that website is one of my best ideas every. And there are just too many great runners around to let the thing die.

I’m not going to get into setting a bunch of goals like lifting more, stretching more, eating better, etc. Those things require more of a lifestyle change than just wishful thinking. And I’ve proven over the years that I’m not willing to make those changes. As I get more motivated and more fit, those things tend to creep into my life more and more anyway. So I don’t see a reason to force them in because it usually just leads to me stewing over not doing them.

Some other non-running goals for the new year; finish the Harry Potter series (I’m on book 6 of 7), learn to use our dSLR camera to take better photos, and cook at least one new recipe a week.

Bring it on, 2010!

Today’s Quote of the Day is for one of my training partners – you know who you are;

“If the 10 mile loop turns out to be – God forbid, only 9.79 miles – you are not compelled by law to add on the couple of blocks necessary to make it 10.00. The training benefit of plus or minus a few tenths or hundredths of a mile is negligible.” – Chris Lundstorm, in an article on Hi-Tech Watches for Midwest Events


Unknown said...

What gets measured gets managed. Heres to great 2010.

Julie said...

Hi Chad,
I also have been having some issues with my blog. I can't seem to get my little count down watch going for an upcoming half....grrr! It is at times like these that I wish I was a computer geek:)

Love your goals! Good luck with the Harry Potter finish up and the cooking:) I would love to hear that in your blog!

Chad said...

Good point, PR.

Julie, finishing Harry Potter may be the only goal I actually achieve this year. Not sure if you'll hear about my cooking on this blog or not. We'll see.

Runner Susan said...

Do you need me to send you your masthead again?

Happy New Year!

Julie said...

I have faith that you can find a recipe and cook something good! All you would have to do is follow the instructions take a few pictures during and after....and then....wow and amaze us with some stimulating food/cooking lingo:) It is worth a try:) I will be patiently waiting for the special "Cooking with Chad" post:)

Chad said...

Susan, thanks for the offer, but I think it's time for a change. Besides, I think I still have it in a photobucket account.

Julie, I'm sure I could do that. However, I prefer to keep this as a "running" blog, rather than an "all things Chad" blog.

Julie said...

Alright Chad....you can wow and amaze up with your running:)

Have a great day!!

Beth said...

Oh, I think that quote is for me even though we don't run together. Once, I ran 9.97 miles with a friend when the schedule said 10. After she left, I jumped out of the car and ran around the parking lot until the garmin said 10 miles exactly. Sorry, Chad. I'm a CPA and I just can't help myself. :)