Monday, December 14, 2009


I’m trying to increase my weekly mileage – it’s just not happening. After finally getting into the 60-mile range last week, I was back to 50 miles this week. But I won’t complain too much because I had a few solid runs; tempo, hills and progression runs.

I had a 4 week stretch where I ran a tempo run once a week. I followed that up with a 3 week stretch of not doing a tempo run. Last Sunday I managed 10 miles, including 5 at 7:03 pace. That’s better than the tempos I was doing back in early November, so I’m making progress. Tuesday my run included 6 times Bush Lake Road hill. Saturday I ran an 8 mile progression run where I dropped down to 6:30 pace at the end.

I really need to start including at least a 2-hour run once a week – especially if I really want to get over 60 MPW consistently. When you don’t run further than 10 miles on any given day, it makes it hard to run that kind of mileage.

Some readers may be surprised to hear that I still haven’t strapped on my skis yet. With our initial snowfall last week, the opportunity never really presented itself. This morning we received another few inches of snow that’s definitely going to open up more skiing options. So I may not get to 60 MPW until March. Who knows?

I will say that I do love running in the winter. I know some people hate it, but I think it’s awesome. Sure 20 below sucks. The footing can be really shitty a lot of the time. And I don’t need 6 months of the stuff. But I’ll take it over 74 and sunny every day of the year. Give me the variety. Make me feel alive. And make me feel like I’m the only one on the roads.

Quote of the Day;

“Joanie, if marathons make you look like this, please don’t run any more.” – Joan Benoit Samuelson’s mom, in a letter after seeing Joan’s exhausted face in a newspaper photo after running 2:22:43 to win Boston


Evan Roberts said...

74 and sunny is OK, depending on the dewpoint. And I say this as another winter-preferrer. But yeah, give me 5 over 85 any day!

Chad said...

Evan, I'll let you pick your "perfect" running weather. Would you want to run in that everyday? Or do you like a little, okay a lot, of variety thrown in.

Evan Roberts said...

Perfect starts with little wind. Anything under 10mph is ok. Given that you can dress for anything under 60. Absolutely perfect would be 45-60 with not a lot of wind -- tshirt and shorts weather. But I enjoy the occasional run in hotter weather. Just not too hot!

Beth said...

I love that QOTD! I just learned to wax my skis and I'm taking them out for the first time tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous. I agree about the temps, I'll take the cold over the heat any day, although I would prefer it to be above 10 degrees if possible.

Chad said...

Beth, I'm heading out this afternoon for the first time this season.

I agree, let's try to keep things over 10 degrees.