Friday, November 13, 2009


Last night I was reading an article in Men’s Health, entitled Everything You Know About Muscle is Wrong. It talks about fascia, which is the connective tissue that runs throughout our body. I haven’t finished the entire article, so I won’t comment on it yet. However, I thought one section was interesting;

"Once it's formed into position, it'll stick there. You can contort all you want in search of that mythical ideal alignment, but the odds are against you. The pull of your fascia is so ingrained in your movements, your friends can recognize you instantly at a distance before they even see your face.”
The last bit of that paragraph came into play during this morning’s group trail run at Hyland. This was only my third time meeting this group, which has consisted of 10-15 runners every Friday. The runs start at 6 AM, so it’s still dark outside and it’s hard to tell who you’re running with. Then towards the end of the run it’s light enough to shut off your headlamp. Anyway, when I could finally see the person about 10 feet in front of me, I said that guys runs exactly like Chris Lundstrom. No one else said anything and we kept running as our conversations turned to other topics. 10 minutes later this guy really looks like Chris… because it is Chris. I guess I never expected a guy that just ran sub-2:19 at TCM to be out slogging the hills of Hyland at 8-minute pace.

And it’s a little eerie that I recognized him by his arm-carriage and stride. I mean it’s not like we’re life-long training partners. I’ve only seen him at a handful of races. Weird.

Quote of the Day;

“I didn’t realize I was in such good shape.” – Scott LaFrenz, 2:57 marathoner, after running with 2:18 marathoner, Chris Lundstrom this morning


Unknown said...

Love the quotes you post.

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Beth said...

I sometimes catch a glimps of my reflection and think it's my mother. Unfortunatly, this is not a good thing as my mother has had a hip replacement and kind of limps. Hmmm... I guess we are just put together a certain way and there is not a lot we can do about it.

SteveQ said...

People can (and have) spotted my weird arm swing from miles away, but Lundstrom's style, from what I can recall, is perfect; I'd never spot it. When he set the record at the Superior 50K this spring, he went by (it's an out-and-back) like he was floating over the rocks.

AZ said...

Interested in your comments on the whole article.

Chad said...

Steve, he's got this "sway" to his arm carriage.

AZ, I thought the article over-sold and under-delivered. I was left with the impression that they didn't really tell us how to strengten the fascia, just that it's there.

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