Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One thing I’ve learned over the years is that you can’t fake the motivation needed to run well. And right now it feels like I’m trying to fake it. I thought turning 40 would magically get me all fired up, but it hasn’t happened. I’m still putting in 50-70 mpw, so I’m pretty fit. However, any semblance of following a plan went out the window two weeks ago.

MattyG has written about being “overcooked” leading up to a couple of races. That’s how I was feeling in early August, so I’ve basically backed off my mileage a little and added in more easy days. I did manage a 20-miler on Sunday. I had 22 planned, but prior to the run I realized I didn’t have any gels in the house. I tried to make it by carrying 20 oz. of Gatorade with me, but it just didn’t cut it – just before mile 19, I was done. I’m sure the 65 degree dew point didn’t help either.

Right now I’m hoping to survive this week before going on vacation next week. After that I’ll try to make one final 6-week push towards Whistlestop.

Anyone watch the men’s 10K last night at the World Champs? How does Bekele (and all the other runners) kick his foot up so high behind him? Seriously, his heel hits him in the ass with each stride.

Finally, be sure to check out my latest interview.

Quote of the Day;

“You’re unique… just like everyone else.” – greeting card I got for my birthday


Scott Ramberg said...

Your not the only one Chad--I went to do 1200's @ 5k pace last night that ended up more like 15k pace. Seem to be running on dead legs.
I'm sure you'll come through by Whistle.

AZ said...

The speed that a pendulum oscillates is dependent upon its length. So when you kick your foot high behind you it effectively shortens your leg and increases your turnover rate. Or so a coach once told me. Bekele is amazing. That last 400 just blew Tadese away.

Jim from MN said...

What's amazing about Bekele is that he COULD have run faster during any stretch of that race at ANY time it was necessary. Also note that Bekele only led when he was on the way to take it to the line. Like Lasse Viren in the Olympic 5000 in 1976 who's coach told him to take the lead with 1600 to go and "don't let anyone pass you."

Beth said...

The humidity was terrible and I would think 20 miles without gels would be very difficult. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and then you will be ready for the final training push.

franswazz said...

Just discovered your blog, like it very much and yes, Bekele's foot was so high that I thought "Oh, my gosh, it's touching his derrière":)