Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am seriously still in shock by how quickly the snow has disappeared. If my computer worked at home, I’d take a picture to prove it. Since I can’t, you can check out a photo or two on Jean’s blog.

Here’s the official report from the Birkie office:

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 12:00:00 PM

The weather in Northwest Wisconsin has not been cooperating or making it easy for the event. The weather has cooled since Monday and the rain is no longer falling. The high on Monday night reached 44F. A first assessment of the trail was done this morning and a second will be done on Wednesday morning.

The trail base remains strong and frozen with 4"-7" of good base. The crews will begin tilling on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. We anticipate that the trail will groom up nicely and conditions will be very good again. However, the trail is becoming icy as temperatures drop and we ask that people not ski on the trail until we've been able to re-groom.
A couple of sites I visit say it’s not a lost cause yet and that they can do amazing things with their high-tech grooming equipment. Probably the biggest problem is that as the race comes into town, it crosses Lake Hayward, which I’m sure is just a sheet of glare ice now. So I’m guessing we’ll probably be racing, but it may be on a shortened course. Who knows, maybe that’s a good thing when you consider that I might be heading into this race without touching ski to snow for over 2 weeks.

I have been running more and will actually be over 30 miles this week. Woot, woot!!! Thinking about my last post and checking out a calendar, I see that Grandma’s Marathon will be 18 weeks away on Saturday. Hmm, that seems to tie in nicely with a Pfitz plan.

I’ve mentioned that my (nearly) 8-year-old has taken an interest to skiing the last 2 years. We usually just go to the local county park and rent skis for her. I’ve been thinking about getting her some skis and mentioned to my wife, who wasn’t as gung-ho. I see her point, financially, it’s like $7 to rent versus probably $100 or more to buy. And since she’s growing like a weed, it makes even less sense. However, I think my wife only sees it as money out the door, where as I see it as laying a foundation to exercise that will last a lifetime. As someone who started running at age 10, I can’t even imagine what my life would have been like without that introduction to endurance sports. Sure we can continue to rent, but I think she’d have more opportunities if the two of us could go whenever we wanted. Sounds like I have some convincing to do.

Quote of the Day;
“As my girls get older I've realized my workouts aren't only for my own benefit. They benefit my children too because I am (along with dad) their role model for fitness. When your kids include triathlon in their creative play you know you're doing something right. I've read that studies show if parents exercise, children are likely to grow up exercising too. That's very important to me. Fitness is a family value in our house.” - Kara Thom


Anonymous said...

I've never regretted any money spent on sporting equipment for our two daughters - both now adults, and both still active in multiple endurance sports.


Adam said...

If you wait until the fall, there are a few good ski swaps where you can get used equipment for pretty cheap. In particular, the Three Rivers Park District sale usually has a good selection.

Anonymous said...

Never did the Pfitz plan. It jives with a lot of stuff I like, but I like to "free wheel" more. An eighteen week plan...are you insane?

Have you given though to your own construct? Sometimes times a draft helps, but keep it open to incorporate the many opportunities you have locally to bash a few workouts or races in.

There's always Beck. Hard from the layout to do, but if you can set aside 9 weeks you might be generally surprised. You'll be tired a lot, but I have seen it work first hand.


PS: I miss you at Hillrunner

Chad said...

Eric, well said.

Adam, yeah I have thought about looking into some ski swaps.

Double, 18 weeks sounds like a long time, but I think the first 6 weeks are base-building. Lord knows I REALLY need that - or at least need to reaquaint my body with running. I'm sure I'll tweak the plan to fit my own schedule, but it's nice to have shell. One day I'll have to give Beck a shot.