Tuesday, April 06, 2010


First things first, if you like taking surveys on running, head over to MDRA’s website and take their newest survey. I really liked the question about if you could only do 1 more race, what would it be? I put down that it’d be something like Pike’s Peak or Leadville 100 - something to experience.

This Friday group I run with consists of a bunch of ultra runners. It’s fun to hear them talk about their races and training. One guy is training for Pike’s Peak. I think it’d be awesome but then I run up the smallest of hills (at sea level) and I’m immediately reminded of how difficult that race would be. Within 30 seconds of the start I’m sure all my thoughts would be negative.

Well, those miles did “hatch” from last week. I ended up with 64 miles on 6 runs.

I realize the chart in my last post didn’t turn out very good. I also realize that no one really cared. It’s not like someone was sitting at their computer, trying to line up all the columns and numbers. In any case, there were some good comments to that post. As I replied to Evan’s comment, there are basically two different years recently where I was running well in the spring.

The spring of 2006 is a period where I recorded my highest weekly mileage ever – it’s the only time I’ve reached 100 miles. December through March included months of 316, 364, 326 and 365 miles. I managed to run a 29:15 8K and 1:17:57 for 20K off of that mileage and lots of hills and MP workouts. Unfortunately, I got hurt just after that 20K and never ran a spring marathon. I was able to run just under 2:59 at Chicago that fall.

In the spring of 2007 I managed solid mileage, but not as high as 2006. December through March consisted of 350, 284, 275, 293 miles. Weeks included roughly 1 MP workout per week, hills and strides. Then in April and May I added in more interval workouts like 600s and Ks. I managed to run a 29:33 8K, 37:47 10K, 1:21:49 half and 17:52 5K before running my still-standing marathon PR of 2:57 at Gma's.

The question now is how do I replicate 2007 given that it’s already April and I don’t have that December – March running base that I did 3 years ago? I think the answer is to proceed as if my skiing transfers to my running. I’ll spend April building in MP and hill workouts, along with strides and then in May I can transition over to intervals.

I doubt I can reach those shorter race times from 2007, but maybe I can get close enough to take a shot at sub-3.

Quote of the Day;

"Suffering is the sole origin of consciousness." - Dostoyefsky


Beth said...

I think your desire to do Leadville or Pike's Peak is admirable! I think you would do well at both races and they would be the adventure of a lifetime. Something to thihk about.

Chad said...

Beth, you're way too kind. Both of those races would be all-out struggles for me right from the start.