Thursday, April 08, 2010


I have a few different things I want to get to today. Running-wise, I decided to knock some rust off yesterday with an interval workout. I tried something entirely new this time by hitting the treadmill. I’ve done tempo and MP workouts on the treadmill before, but never any interval workouts. I wanted to be accurate with the pace, but I didn’t want to do these on a track. And since I don’t have a Garmin, I thought the treadmill would be the next best option.

My schedule called for kilometer repeats and based on my recent 8K time, McMillan’s calculator and Daniels’ charts say I should run roughly 3:45. So I basically ran 5 x 3:45, which is like 6:03 pace, with a 5:00 jog in between. I started the first one at a conservative 6:07 pace and gradually increased each repeat until I was down to 5:52 pace. Given that I was well under the pace that was suggested, I’m guessing that treadmill repeats are a little easier than being outside. So this was probably a one-time experiment.

Okay, I’ve hyped this website once before, but I thought I’d do it again. The Clymb is a private sale network that will give you access to insider pricing from an amazing group of outdoor brands. If you climb, hike, run, ride, paddle or ski, you’re gonna love this. Here’s how it works: you accept this invite and The Clymb will hook you up with deep discounts, usually 50-70% off retail, on gear from a different leading brand each week. Each brand’s product is available for 3 days only or until it’s sold out. Membership is free and by invite only. That’s why I’m inviting you – just follow this link. So far they’ve featured some really cool outdoor gear, but I haven’t purchased anything. Today they just started a sale on Craft apparel, which I really like, and I was able to save 55% on some gear. Sweet!

I’ve also mentioned the site Younger Legs for Older Runners before too. It’s run by Pete Magill who’s name you may recognize from Running Times articles. Anyway, he just announced that he’s shutting down the site. I at least want to call your attention to this article that I really liked.

Quote of the Day;

"Running is the most universal sport on the planet. Every able bodied human being has competed in a running race. There has, and always will be, running. Running is even more universal than sex, more universal than any other accomplishment, more universal than any language, art or music genre. The best runners in the world are the ultimate human beings." - Sean Williams

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You don't really get any wind resistance on a treadmill and I've heard it said that you need to set the mill to a 2% incline to get the same effect as running on the road!