Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm on vacation this week, so if my blogging is sporatic, you'll know why. I don't really have any plans for the week, just running, hanging out with the kids and doing a bunch of odd jobs around the house. I'm mainly taking the week off because I have 4 weeks of Paid Time Off and so far I've only used 4 days.

Not much to report running-wise, as I'm still just building my base. I ran 8 miles on Friday. Saturday I joined Jenna, Kim and Kevin for a "long" run. I was thinking at least 12, but I actually ended up with 15, by far my longest run since Grandma's. The hardest part of the run was finding a parking place, as we met down by Lake Nokomis so we'd be able to watch the Life Time Fitness triathlon. I still enjoy watching that sport but am content to just be a runner.

Anyway, I'm still feeling good during my runs and I ended up with 66 miles for the week on 7 runs. I'll take it! This week I'm hoping for a little more although we'll be on the road Friday-Sunday as we travel to Madison, WI.

Yesterday I jumped on the treadmill for an easy 10 miles. The newpaper said there was a track meet on TV, but they were showing auto racing instead. No worries as the Hy-Vee triathlon was on TV, as well as the Twins.

The building up of mileage finally reared it's ugly head this morning, as my legs were tired. I was thinking about 10 miles, but decided to cut it to 6 miles with the hopes of jumping on the treadmill tonight. Ideally, I'd like to build my mileage in singles, but right now I'm just concerned with building my mileage. Period.

Quote of the day;

"My only “training philosophy” is consistent, year-round running. I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to keep racing frequently and stay injury-free." - Jim Ramacier

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Anonymous said...

I ran into the same issue with the track meet and auto racing. The track meet was aired after auto racing, which worked out well because it started immediately after the triathlon ended.