Monday, July 09, 2007


I was, in fact, able to completely pull my head out of my ass last week. Gregg’s advice of waiting 3 weeks after Grandma’s to finally feel recovered was right on.

Friday I felt great and managed 9 miles in Lebanon Hills. That afternoon I stopped by Jenna’s office. After awhile I didn’t think she was going to find anything wrong with my leg – but then she found it – a very tight knot just at the very top of my calf muscles. I’d tell you the real name of the muscles, but I missed Anatomy class that day. Jenna also showed me a couple of exercises I’m going to try to incorporate to strengthen my knees/legs.

Saturday, after closing the bars at 2 AM, I was just happy to get in 6 very hot miles. You’re probably wondering why a finely tuned runner such as myself would be closing the bars – or at least why I’d get up 5 hours later for a run. Well, it was all part of my 20th high school reunion. That’s right, I’ve been out of school longer than it took me to get through school. While I didn’t go to any of the “formal” activities, I’m happy to report that it was a pretty fun weekend – with a smattering of awkward conversations mixed in just for good measure.

Sunday I jumped on the treadmill for the first time in a long time. I was flipping back and forth between the Tour de France and the men’s finals at Wimbledon – next thing I knew, I had run 10 miles. Nice.

This morning I managed 8 miles. Right now I’m just trying to wrap my mind around the whole concept of base-building again. When I base-build in the winter I just kind of get in a zone and am just content to run mileage – even in crappy weather. I’m sure we’ll have crappy weather in the next 6 weeks too, just the opposite kind of crap.

Quote of the day;

“It’s an unvicious cycle; when I am happy I am running well and when I’m running well I am happy…It is the Platonic idea of knowing thyself. Running is getting to know yourself to an extreme degree.” – Ian Thompson


TriSaraTops said...

You party animal!

My class never had a 10, so now they're trying to have a "12" and it's the week before I'm due. My best friend is still trying to change my mind, but I'm sayin' no WAY--see you guys in 8 more. Unless I can throw a few back, I'll pass. :)

Nice job getting the run in--I hear it's hot up there--jeez, you MN peeps sure have some serious extremes in weather!

Chad said...

Yeah Sara, I can't remember the last time I saw 2 AM.

Maybe you should induce early just so you can make it to your 12th.

I do highly recommend being able to "throw a few back" if you're going to be at one of these things. It helps with those awkard conversations.

And happy belated 30th.

Ryan said...

All running and no fun makes Chad a dull guy... glad to see you got some balance into your life!

Ryan said...

PS - That didn't sound right - Didn't mean to say you were dull - just that it's good to see you can have fun...

Chad said...

Ryan, I think you had it right the first time.

Double said...

In reply to Ian's quote, I have experienced the same. The past couple years have beed hard. Running was never easy. Good days were seldom found. Eventually, you go and just move along because you like being out there so darn much. I never thought 7-8 miles or more would be as difficult as they turned out to be. You have to find peace in it all and look at the root reason you run in the first place. The desire to compete never left, but without the ability you embrace being out there.

When it got to 10 minute miles, I just went an ran. I had to find joy in this or I was unfullfilled in many ways. Soon I was running by time alone. Thirty minutes here or 50 minutes there. Days off do nothing either way. Thirty miles a week was average and I was happy with this.

You can never take health as a granted. After I finally had my thyroid ablated....again and after a couple days in intensive care you look at things different.

My weight was about 190. I was gaining 3-4 pounds a week and could not do anything about it. I have had good docs. One guy sat me down and said this will take time. He said it is similar to a running injury. We will get you on the right medication and eventually, after time there is no reason you can't get back to where you were at. I was floored. Hope sprang eternal. I am now starting my third different perscription and things are looking up. It's amazing how these real little pills can alter your metabolism.

I signed up for Lakefront just because. I ran the Ice Age 50 miles and it took forever for me, but I finished. I had set no goal for Lakefront, but just in the last few days of medication I can run further, faster, recover quicker and feel almost decent out there. I'm still not setting any goals, but hell I'm running again and all this in less than a week.

I'm happy again. I have some weight to get rid of, but there is a glimmer of light. Thought of sub 3 entered my head today and the wheels started turning. Possibly a stiff goal, but that's my running character. I hate to say, but I had all these people clobbering me in races and now I want to return the favor. Life is good. Maybe I lied about the not setting goals part.