Sunday, March 05, 2006


I haven’t posted in awhile, so I’ll just start with a quick training update.

Friday morning I ran an easy 6 miles. Towards the end of the run I added 4 easy strides. That’s the first time I’ve done strides all winter. That evening I met Mary for another easy 7 around Lake Harriet and down the Minnehaha Parkway.

Saturday Evan and Scott were kind enough to drive to my house at 7:30 AM. After a 2.5 mile warmup we ran a “Zeke certified” 8 mile loop. The idea was to start out at 7:10s and drop to 6:50s. The only problem with this approach is that this is a very hilly loop so it’s hard to compare mile splits. We went through the first (less hilly) half in 28:08 and came back with a 28:28 second half. Not bad considering my legs were fairly flat. A 2.5 mile cooldown gave us 13 for the run.

While that gave me “only” 81 miles for the week, the first 3 days were rather light (only 26 miles). So after Tuesday of this upcoming week, I should be back up around 100 miles for the previous 7 days.

Sunday I ran by myself for 30 minutes before joining my training group for a long run. During the solo section I knew it would be a very easy day, pace-wise, as my legs were really tired. Luckily all the fast runners didn’t show up, so I had no inclination to run fast. I ran with the group and just enjoyed the company. That means I was able to get in the duration I wanted (2:30), but it also means I didn’t get in a lot of distance (17 miles.)

Quote of the day:
“Dead tired. Dog tired. Sore as hell…” Entries from Laura Mykytok’s training diary

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