Friday, March 06, 2009


After one visit to Jenna’s office and a couple of ski outings, I’m back to running. Things are very slow and I’ve stayed under 45 minutes – but at least I’m running. So I have a lot of work to do before this;

Thank you for submitting your entry for the June 20, 2009 Grandma's Marathon.
I’ve been really wishy-washy regarding whether or not I should run this race. Everything I’ve read and heard from other skiers basically says not to run a spring marathon. However, I just have to find out for myself. Maybe I’ll run another mediocre race like at Boston last year, maybe not. There’s only one way to find out. So I’m going to roll the dice and see what kind of shape I can get into during the next 3+ months.

For those of you that know Chris Lundberg or if you checked out his blog from my post last Friday, there’s good news surrounding his possible amputation(s) due to frostbite. You can read the updates HERE.

I just realized I missed my blog-iversary. March 2nd was the 4th anniversary of this blog. That’s hard to believe. Lots of blogs have come and gone in that time. Even my blog reading habits have changed significantly. I can’t remember the last really fun blog that I recommended. But lately I’ve been checking out Steve in a Speedo. Even though he’s a triathlete, I find his blog really entertaining. I have no idea where he gets all his images – or at least where he finds the time to find them – but they is always something to make me laugh.

Quote of the Day;

“The doc was unequivocal about the fact that there will be NO amputation with respect to my body.”Chris Lundberg


Anonymous said...

SIMON SAYS RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaFrenz said...

Crank it up BABY! I'm ready when you are. I got in a nice 60 minutes this morning. You want to run Thursday?