Monday, December 10, 2007


I couldn’t make my group run on Saturday, so I took it upon myself to run quicker than normal. Part of my pacing issue is that I don’t have a GPS watch, so most of my runs are not measured, but I do have a couple of loops with some miles marked off. Saturday found me running comfortably at 7:20 pace for 13 miles.

That gave me 71 miles for the week. One of the reasons I like to keep track of my rolling 7-day mileage is that it gives a better view of what’s going on with my “weekly” training, rather than just a single snapshot every Saturday. For example, my last two weeks were 70 and 71 miles. After running in the low 80s for a couple of weeks, it looks like my training had taken a step back. However, my rolling 7-day totals show I was up to 87 miles two weeks ago (before my sore hip) and then down to 55 miles last week. So I really had a peak and a cutback week, rather than two mediocre weeks.

Sunday’s run was dedicated to Evan. Whenever he meets me for a run at Lebanon Hills he’ll mention how great Pilot Knob Road would be for simulating the Boston Marathon course. Since Evan always knows what he’s talking about, I decided to give it a shot. For those familiar with the area, I basically ran north on Pilot Knob from McAndrews, through Eagan and passed Highway 13 into Mendota Heights. That stretch of road is all rolling hills with an overall downward trend. This was an out-and-back course, which means the whole second half trended upwards. Plus, the 3 biggest up hills are during the last 3 miles, so yes, it’s a nice Boston-simulator.

I wanted to get in at least 18 miles, so I ran out for 75 minutes before turning around. As I got close to home I was still feeling good, so I decided to make the run even more Boston-like. Less than half a mile from my house is Camp Sacajawea, which happens to contain a very hilly 1 mile loop. If I run the loop clockwise, there’s a hill that makes Heartbreak Hill look flat. That’s followed by a nice gradual downhill during the second two-thirds of the loop. I added two loops and got in my first 20 miler since August 19th.

I could definitely feel Saturday and Sunday’s run this morning. It was one of those runs where you tell yourself you have time for 8 miles, then you start bargaining with yourself; “I’ll just go 6 today.” Then it’s, “I really only need 5 miles today. I can add a second run tonight.” Luckily I started to feel better after about a mile. I still kept it to 6 miles at a very easy 9+ minute pace. I try and double back this evening.

Here are a couple more journals to check out; Carrie Tollefson and Chris Lundstrom.

Quote of the day;

“I’m still on the comeback trail to getting fit and every week things are getting better. I know I have plenty of time and if I were a coach, I would be fine with where I am. But as the athlete, it is hard to stay calm.” - Carrie Tollefson

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Evan Roberts said...

Thanks for the shoutout, it always drives up my website traffic! Glad it was a good Boston simulator. Oh, how I wish I had a need for the same, but no Boston for me!