Friday, December 14, 2007


Another day off (from work), another nice run. On days like this it’s nice to have retired friends. I picked up Eric and we drove to St. Paul to basically run two Get in Gear loops for a total of 11 miles. This is a fairly popular loop, so I usually have high hopes of seeing someone like Katie McGregor out running. No such luck today, instead I had to “settle” for Carrie Tollefson. I know she’s a native Minnesotan, but it’s still nice seeing her out there on a day when temps were in the single digits.

Speaking of Team USA Minnesota, there’s a great article in the latest (January/February) issue of Running Times – well worth the 5 bucks. Thanks to Brian (and Pat and Kim) for pointing it out to me. It’s not on their site yet, but here’s their preview;

Minnesota Nice - A state with an extra-long winter wouldn’t seem to be fertile grounds for national champions and Olympians, but Team USA Minnesota has produced bunches of both. The training philosophy of their coach, Dennis Barker, and how a bunch of dedicated and often chilly runners have proven that sometimes, nice guys (and gals) finish first, too.
I do have a couple of thoughts or questions. The cover shot is an interesting choice; 1) it’s of Jenelle Deatherage who’s no longer on the team and 2) it’s an ass and leg shot. I guess they’re trying to show off her muscular running legs. I’m not objecting, I’m just saying it’s an interesting choice. Also, there’s a team photo on page 40 where they cut off the heads of three guys – even though the photo is obviously big enough.

And while I’m talking about Team USA Minnesota, here’s a link to Emily Brown’s latest journal entry. She does a great job expressing some of the thoughts/questions that all Minnesotan runners ask themselves.

Quote of the day;

“The concept of Minnesota winters strikes fear into many who know of its wrath and thanksgiving in all those who have never had to experience it. In all honesty, it isn’t as horrible as some make it sound.” – Emily Brown

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