Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ah yes, this is a “running” blog, so what’s new on that front?

My right knee was driving me crazy and I basically shut things down on July 8th. On July 18th I switched my focus to P90X. Typically, that’d mean I’m on week #9 of the program. However, back in August I was busy installing our floor, plus we went to the Brainerd Lakes area for 4 days. So I basically took a whole week off and just jumped back in once we got back. In any case, I’m on like day 52 right now. I wouldn’t say I’ve followed the program to a “T”, but I’ve probably done 90-95% of the workouts.

Oh yea, back to running. After 7 weeks off, I ended up going for a 4 mile run while in Brainerd – mainly because I just felt like it. I wouldn’t say the knee hurt, but it felt “funny”. I took another week off. Then without really thinking about it, I ended up with 21 miles last week. Obviously, relatively speaking, that’s not much at all. But maybe I’m heading in the right direction. P90X will continue towards the end of October. Perhaps I can continue mixing in 30 MPW of running. Once P90X is complete, I can switch to roller skiing and get ready for the snow. The knee still isn’t 100%, but I’ll let it ride and see what happens. If it’s not “fixed” after 8 weeks off, there’s a bigger problem.

Quote of the Day;

“We are lined up and led single file through various tunnels and small passageways through the belly of the stadium to a ladder that will pop us up 100 meters from the 5k start. Music and cheering gets louder as we approach the ladder until the sounds from up there make us forget we were chit chatting with the woman next to us, and the vibration of the arena seduces the performer in most of us and paralyzes a few with fear. A Japanese girl next to me starts shaking, pulling her hands to her face and groaning quietly, and I am distracted for a moment with empathy for her. I’ve been there and it’s awful. But in this moment, I look up towards the source of the vibration with wanting.”- Lauren Fleshman – talking about being led to the start of the World Championship 5,000m final

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