Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Okay, I'm through the first 4-week cycle of P90X and here are the results so far compared to Day 0.

Day 0.

Day 28.

Day 0.

Day 28.

Yeah, the photos are almost indistinguishable. But that doesn’t really tell the whole story. I can see and feel little changes. For example, the other day I was making a lane change and as I checked my blind spot it sure felt like I was able to turn further around with less difficulty. I attribute this to the added stretching and yoga sessions included in the program.

It’d be easy to get frustrated with no visible results after 4 weeks, but then I was trying to compare P90X to a new running program. If I were to follow some 12 to 16 week running program, I’m pretty sure I would not be in much better shape after just 4 weeks. It takes longer for the body to adapt than that. I figure that first month was just for laying the foundation. Now I can build off of that.

Adding some cardio to my program would probably help too. During those first 4 weeks I did not do any other exercises outside of P90X. I’ll see if I can add some cardio during this next 4 week block of training.

I was hoping to be able to provide some before and after photos of our home renovations by now. However, things came to a stand-still as we waiting over a week for a city inspector to sign off on the wall we tore out. That finally happened last week, so the contractors were able to finish dry walling and painting the ceiling. Granite arrives today, so we’re getting close.

One other update, I sold the dining room set for $100. Probably could have got more for it, but that’s alright. The gal was excited and she appreciated the refinishing job.

Quote of the Day;

"It’s not the runner, but those impersonating the runner, who is at hazard.” – Dr. George Sheehan

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