Friday, January 14, 2011


Well, it’s on. After my initial trepidation, I signed up for R-cubed. And by “signed up” I mean bought a plane ticket.

Immediately after doing so, I realized how much over my head I really am. In addition to the mileage, we’re talking about 10,000 feet of descending and climbing and temps that could be in the 100s. This all sounds right up my alley given that I’m a terrible hill climber and heat runner.

And coming off of an injury doesn’t really help either. Last Saturday I ran 14 miles and felt pretty good about that. Then I checked emails and found out that the other guys running R-cubed with me ran between 20 and 31 miles. Hopefully I made up a little bit of ground by getting in 15 miles the next day.

Sure, going from 0 to 50 MPW may not be the smartest training plan, but nobody ever said I was smart.

Anyway, with all that said, I’m super excited. It’s one of those goals that you can’t stop thinking about. Morning, noon, and night my mind thinks about R-cubed. Of course, I have a ton of work to do before May 6th, however, that’s part of the appeal.

Quote of the Day;

“It’s not a race, but you will need to be pretty fit to be able to at least enjoy most of it.” – Tony Kocanda, regarding R-cubed


Beth said...

I have to confess that I can't figure out what R-cubed is. I looked through the last few posts and it didn't help, so I have to admit my ignorance. Whatever it is, it sounds like a challenge!

Gregg said...

Good for you Chad! I wish I could join, but I am not ready for such a challenge. Maybe some day. I guess I will have to wait for all the reports when you get back.