Monday, January 17, 2011


I’m so out of touch with my blog that I can’t remember what I’ve written lately. As Beth pointed out, my reference to R-cubed wasn’t very clear in my last post. R-cubed is also known as R2R2R or rim-to-rim-to-rim. It’s a double-crossing of the Grand Canyon. I tried to find it on Wikipedia, but it’s not there. However, you can Google rim-to-rim-to-rim and come up with some links, including some youtube videos.

This will definitely require a drastic change in my approach to training. No longer will my focus be on weekly mileage and pace. Instead I’ll focus on time on my feet and nutrition. “Time on my feet” will largely be affected by back-to-back long runs over the weekend. For example, Saturday night I ran on the treadmill for 2 hours and then Sunday I hit some trails for 2:45. I’m sure I wasn’t very fast at all on the trails, but that wasn’t my concern. Goal #1 was to build strength and goal #2 was to see how my body could handle eating a PBJ sandwich during a run. I think both goals were achieved.

For the week I had 48 miles of running, 33K of skiing, and two sessions of core workouts. For my core workouts, I’ve been following along with McMillan’s DVDs. They are one of those things I wanted, but didn’t want to pay for – so I asked for them for Christmas. I like them because they show me exactly what to do and they’re less than 30 minutes. My goal is to follow along 2-3 times per week. Hopefully it’ll be enough to make me look good in my speedo.

Quote of the Day;

“Be the hero of your own life story.” – Jodie Foster in Nim’s Island


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Admirable goal, but no one looks good in a speedo. Just sayin.

Beth said...

Wow! I'm so glad that I asked because it sounds really cool!! I think that is one of the best adventures I have heard about. What a great way to mix it up and find something new and exciting.

Anonymous said...

Zeker, I never heard it called that. Know I know!

- Know where the fluids are. Always tank and fill up.
- Phantom Ranch closes at around 4 PM, but you can order a nice sack lunch to pick up on way back if your timing allows for it.
- We bought bagel type bread and put something like salami and cheese in them. Then you crushed the hell out of 'em in a baggie and put them in your pocket or other bag.
- Clem brought a back pack. had all kinds of stuff in there.
- I had a two-bottle belt, a vest w/ a pocket in the back.
- We all carried a foil blanket like you get after a marathon. Just in case.
- NSAIDS, sun screen, gels, power bars.
- Shave and tape your nipples.
- I wore the same pair of sox and shoes thw whole way without adjusting them. Tuck the bows under your shoe laces.
- We walked at least 60% off it.
- There are only two hills
- Have extra batteries!
- Take time to enjoy it. Take pictures.
- We saw a Condor while there and the deer in the gorge are like pets.
- We started on Bright Angel instead of the Kyibob(?). Longer, but less incline.
- We left at 3:30 AM. Four of us, and Barry got sick the day before. It was fortunate because it kept the pace slow. 8:57 to Noth Rim. 33:36 at Rim getting Barry hooked up w/ a ride (good story) and 8:12 back.
- Barry was 61, Clem 52, Andy 48, and I was 47. A doctor, nurse, heart guy, and a paint salesman.
- We tended to move how we each felt, but kept eyes on each other. Typically we were in pairs out and stayed as 3 together back.
- Leaving early avoids all the damn mule trains. You won't sleep much anyway. Have a couple brews the nite before, pack, go to bed early and enjoy.
- Email w/ questions:

Anonymous said...

Week ending:
Week Long
8/2 60.0 15.0 & 13.2 b-t-b
8/9 24.7 10.7 & 9.0 b-t-b
8/16 35.1 13.0
8/23 55.2 13.0 & 12.0 b-t-b
8/30 66.0 18.0 & 14.2 b-t-b
9/6 60.4 14.0 $ 11.4 b-t-b
9/13 60.4 13.5 and a 19.0
9/20 50.3 15.0
9/27 32.2 9.5
10/4 33.8 26.2 (3:11:30) hammy problem

Did not run again until R Cubed on 10/12


Emily said...

I love "time on my feet" training. That always seemed like a reasonable goal for me. That was what they kept telling us during marathon training for long runs. I don't have to do it fast, or even be that good. Heck - even the slower the better, right :) I like hearing how you switch it up for different results. I don't have nearly as many years experience, but I think it's a good reminder that we don't always have to have the same routine year to year.