Monday, November 09, 2009


Blogging has become little more than a recap of my weekly training. This post is really no different.

Here are last week’s workouts;

Sunday – 99-minute run on treadmill during Vikings/Packers game
Monday – 60 minutes of roller skiing
Tuesday – Day Off because Nate made me feel guilty
Wednesday – 77-minute run with 6 miles @ 7:09 pace on treadmill
Thursday – 51 minutes of very easy running
Friday – 80-minute group trail run in AM, 40 minutes of double-poling in PM
Saturday – 107-minute group trail run

Overall, a solid week; 6:54 (~51 miles) of running and an additional 1:40 of roller skiing. Over 8.5 hours total. Plus, I added a mile to my weekly MP run.

Last Friday I took the day off of work to take advantage of one of our last 60 degree days. It helps when it’s November and you still have 7 days of vacation to use. Anyway, I had a great group trail run in Hyland, put some time in on a project related to the Minnesota Runners of the Year, raked the leaves, and did a little skiing.

Yesterday, with the Vikings on a bye week and temps above 60, I decided to get in a nice long ski. I managed 90 minutes but in the process I fell very hard on my ass – TWICE! If I thought anyone cared, I’d take a photo and post it. But I’ll spare you. Needless to say I’m eager for the snow to arrive.

I’m trying to figure out what is more of a hot-button issue; runners with iPods or whether or not leaving courses open for 7-8 hours is “ruining” marathons. Steve had a post on the iPod debate a couple of weeks ago. A lot of people said they never wear them for racing because they want to be in-tune with their body. Sounds good to me. I was just wondering how many of those same people don’t have a problem talking/texting on their cell phone while driving. As for slower runners ruining marathons, the NYT had a couple or articles last week on the topic.

Quote of the Day;

“If it wasn’t for the run-walkers, you wouldn’t be finishing in front of anybody.” – Greg Meyer


Steve Stenzel said...

Thanks for the link! And I loved your "CONFESSIONS OF AN AGING RUNNER" article... that was nice!

BTW, were you one of the people saying "Go Steve" during the Monster Dash 10 Miler? I couldn't tell for sure....

Steve Stenzel said...

Also, you've got me thinking...

I don't talk on a cell while driving, I don't text while driving, and I even can't do activities around the house when I'm talking on the phone (my wife can do SO MUCH while talking on the phone, where as all I can do is sit there or pace). I need to commit to one thing.

So maybe it's a personality issue that leads me to not using an iPod. Really!

I'll have to keep thinking on this new theory... ;)

Jean said...

This reminded me of how fun it can be to listen to runners having conversations during races, especially when they are wearing headphones. At a race in Wisconsin last year, I observed two girls who were clearly running the race together. One had an iPod, one did not:

Girl without iPod: "What was our pace for the first mile?"?

Girl with iPod: "I am NOT speeding up!"


Beth said...

I'll sidestep the iPod debate and just say that slower runners are enabling elite runners to actually make a living at running. They pay to enter races so that bigger purses can be offered, they buy clothing and shoes so that endorsement contracts can be given, and they buy books and training plans. Of course I love the sport, so to me the more the better!

Chad said...

Thanks Steve. Yeah, I cheered for you twice during the Monster Dash, both times around 50th and Pkwy.

It just seems like everyone is on their cell phone while driving, which I think is very distracting. Yet I'd bet a lot of the people that don't listen to iPods while running have no problem talking on the phone while driving. Probably a little of an apple/orange comparision, but they both deal with distractions.

Jean, I always chuckle when I see people running together and one or both are wearing iPods.

Beth, I agree. And think of all the racing opportunities there are out there. That'd be cut in at least half if we didn't have as many runners.