Sunday, July 12, 2009


We're off to Lutsen for 3 days this morning. Not sure if I'll have internet access, so I thought I'd at least update my latest training.

Thursday I ran 10 miles (8 with Scott), mostly in Hyland Park. The last mile we dropped down to 6:40.

Friday I ran an easy 5 miles with 4 x 8 second hill sprints at the end.

Saturday I joined my regular group for 16 miles. The first 13 were just under 8:00 pace and then I ran the last 3 miles at 6:43 pace.

This morning I ran 8 easy with 6 x 8 second hill sprints.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, but who is in your "regular group". Care to do some name dropping? I scan race results regularly (just to see who is running well).

Anonymous said...

Very good training. Effective and mixed up enough to keep it fresh. Keep it going.


Chad said...

Well, you'd have to look at the older age groups, like 50-70 to see my training partners; Mortenson, Mondry, Naslund, Suker, O'Brien, Stewart, Whetham, Sperling, Tappe, Cheney, Ankrum, and a bunch more.