Wednesday, April 04, 2012


It’s probably no surprise that I’m putting the “Endless Season” approach on hold for awhile. I think it’s an interesting approach and I look forward to trying it again sometime. However, it’s probably designed for someone who’s coming into the racing season in relatively decent shape. At this point, that’s not me. I feel like I’ve been putting the cart before the horse lately and that I’d be better served by building strength through mileage and hill workouts.

So I’m back to building up my weekly mileage, along with including hilly trail runs and 1 hill repeat workout per week. I’ll still jump in a race or two each month, but will probably cut a few out of my schedule.

You’ve heard of cutback weeks on this blog, but how about a cutback month? After running 206, 231 and 244 miles in December – February, I ended up only running 202 in March. Heck, I was still over 200 miles, so I guess I won’t be too critical.

I was able to incorporate some core workouts in during the month, as well as mix in a couple of salads. Hopefully, these activities, combined with the higher mileage in April, will finally push me below 153 lbs. It seems like I’ve been stuck there for three weeks

Quote of the Day;

"All men and nations eat too much, and for this reason are not fit.” – Paavo Nurmi

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