Friday, November 05, 2010


Back on October 14th, I challenged myself to become more consistent with my running during the rest of the month. I think I did a pretty good job. During the first 12 days of the month I took 5 days off, but during the last 19 days of the month, I only took 4 days off – and none were back to back. My weekly mileage jumped from 36 MPW to 49 MPW. After a bunch of months where I averaged about 140 miles, I ended up with 192 in October. All of this means things are heading in the right direction and I’m feeling pretty good lately.

I’ve mentioned the importance of being consistent with my training in order to improve. For me, that means getting into a routine that involves running before work. As the seasons change, I’ve noticed that the number of people exercising in the mornings has decreased significantly since the summer when there was much more daylight. That has me wondering where all those people went. Do they go indoors, switch their exercise schedules, start hibernating, etc.?

I should mention that the thought of rim-2-rim-2-rim (which be referred to as rim-cubed from now on – at least on this blog) has me more fired up than anything else I’ve done lately. I like the idea that it’s a new and exciting challenge that would take place in a part of the country I’ve never been to. Plus, it’s not a race, so my retirement would still be intact.

Quote of the Day;

“The day I retire is the day they drop me into the fire or bury me.” – Ron Hill


roughkat said...

I think you should do R2R2R as well. I'm hoping to join this group this time, provided I can get away from baby duty. I'm hoping by May things will calm down enough for me to take a short trip out of town. I would also suggest doing the Superior spring race. The 50k is fun but even the 25k gives you a good taste of the trails. Plus, we will probably have the TCRC RV for the trip.

Pretend this is real... said...

Great job getting the miles up!

SteveQ said...

A friend of mine did R2R2R this year on a whim. The main thing I got out of his talking about it was that he was told that water supply along the way was spotty to iffy, so he carried everything he needed, only to find that water was plantiful (at least to his mind). Best of luck!