Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Bringing my last two posts full-circle, anyone want to guess what the Birkie’s newsletter is called? Keep in mind it’s a skiing race.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Carpe skiem!

See how everything ties together nicely?

Yesterday I continued my consistency… two days in a row of getting up at 5 AM. Once out on the roads I headed to the Bush Lake Road hill for 6 repeats.

I haven’t mentioned anything on my training for awhile. Here are some highlights. On the 10th I ran 15 miles on the treadmill. Ideally that’s not how I like to do my longer runs, however, I wanted to run for 2 hours and watch a 3-hour football game. Since I’m not in college any more – and can’t take 5 hours for myself – I had to multi-task. Last Friday I had my longer (and hilliest) ski of the season, 2:20 at Murphy-Hanrehan. Prior to that ski I hadn’t been very fired up about skiing this winter. However, now I am. Then on Sunday I ran 12 miles (again, on the treadmill during the Viking’s game) and included 8 miles at 7:00 pace.

There you have it, some medium-long runs, hills, an MP workout and a long ski.

For today’s Carpe Diem moment I want to direct you to Johanna Olson’s website; Save Johanna’s Brain. Johanna is a two-time Olympic Trials qualifier from Minnesota who’s currently battling her second brain tumor. If you’re interested, you can help by donating to her mounting medical bills. Or you can just stop by her blog and wish her well.

Carpe Diem!

Quote of the day;

“Remind yourself in your training that you are out there to make yourself happy. Challenging yourself will be part of the process.” – Gordon Bakoulis


Tricia said...

What a great treadmill run!

Julie said...

Chad do you run with headphones or do just crank up the television when you are running on the mill?

Impressive workout:)

Beth said...

Nice job multitasking on the treadmill. Those are some looong treadmill runs, too. Glad that you are fired up about your skiing. I think I need to find a flatter course to try out. The hills are killing my enthusiasm.

Chad said...

Julie, at home I just watch TV while on the mill. If I run on the mill at work, I usually listen to music. Although the other day I was watching Giada cook on the Food Network.