Sunday, June 21, 2009


As everyone has probably heard or read, it was another hot, humid, cloudless day in Duluth. Somehow I managed to negative split. My moto: if you can't be fast, be smart.

Chad Austin
bib number: 4516
age: 39
gender: M
location: Apple Valley, MN
overall place: 147 out of 5891
division place: 16 out of 516
gender place: 129 out of 3637
time: 3:09:52
pace: 7:15
10k: 45:34
13.1: 1:35:09
20 mile: 2:24:41
25 mile: 3:00:46
last 10k: 45:02
chip time: 3:09:43

Quote of the day;

"It's a great day... for fishing." - Jared Mondry, as we stepped outside at 5:30 AM on race day


Get Primal said...

Great run indeed! You came by me at about 20 and I tried to stay with but you were too strong. Bet there were a handful of people in the entire race that negative split.

Beth said...

Congrats on a smart race and a great time. What happened to that nice, cool forecast everyone was talking about?